Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Enter your address at checkout to order.

Due to new regulations beyond our control if you place an order from outside the UK you may have customs charges to pay when your item arrives in your home country.

I have a really big or really small order, can you give me a personalised shipping quote?

Yes. Get in touch after your purchase and I can revise the shipping charge if needed but it will probably be in the ball park of the flat rate.


I have a shop. Can I buy your products?

Yes. Get in touch via the contact page and I will send you a catalogue and price sheet.

I don’t have a shop but want a bulk order as wedding favours, gifts etc. Can I have a discount?

Yes! I offer bulk discounts when you order over 10 of something and I also have some bundles in the shop too. Get in touch via the contact page for more detail.


Do you design all of your products in house?

Yes! Everything here at Paper Earth Press is designed and illustrated by Daisy MacGowan. We make some of the prices ourselves in the studio and others are manufactured by our wonderful printers dotted around the UK.

Why do you use production partners?

We are passionate about bringing you the most beautifully made, high quality, sustainable products we can, and a variety of them. That means we just can't have all of the machines that we would need to create them. Also, Daisy is only one person and while she does have help we don't have the capacity at present to do all of our manufacturing in house.

That means that we seek out manufacturers with the best equipment and supplies and work closely with them to realise our dream products. All of our production partners are right here in the UK and quite a few are in Scotland local to us.