A6 Recycled Address Book

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Lovely little address book with space to jot in a fair few birthdays for each month, plus the addresses of 155 lovely friends and relatives so you always know where to send the card.

- A6 size (approx 15cm x 10.5cm) pocket address book made of recycled paper.

- Contains 4 pages at the front with the months of the year for birthdays and anniversaries.

- Includes 31 pages of address book with space for 5 names and addresses per page, that's space for 155 lovely people!

- Designed in Dundee, Scotland and printed by some lovely folks in Leeds.

Daisy MacGowan designed the lovely rich dark cover inspired by the kelp on the beach with light, sand-coloured abstract shapes. These abstract shapes are inspired by the sea glass washed up on Kingoodie beach. The inside is various shades of green inspired by the plants around the beach. The stripes pattern on the inside cover is inspired by all the reeds that washed up and are found bunched around the shore by the tide.